Sports Betting System in Soccer that You Should Avoid

Sports betting, especially soccer betting, is one of the favorite betting games that millions of people play and it offers great benefits. Bettors usually use the appropriate betting strategies and systems to win the game. However, there are also sports betting system in soccer that you should avoid because it doesn’t provide a significant profit or it is even unreasonable. Here’s the list.

Martingale Method

In general and in The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies, the Martingale Method is an easy-to-understand sports betting system. This system requires bettors to double the bet after losing money bet. Therefore, the first victory in the game can cover the losses due to the previous defeat.

Sports Betting System in Soccer that You Should Avoid

Theoretically, this system looks simple, though in reality it isn’t. This system is also in dire of bettors’ courage and luck in doing it. If bettors suffer from continuous deceit and defeat, it isn’t impossible that you may go bankrupt and experience a very bear loss.

For example, you set $10 on the first wager. Then, you lose it and set twice higher than the first set, $20. This action also applies for the third $40, fourth $80, and fifth $160. How much is your loss due to your misfortune in the day?

So, do not ever think that you believe you will be able to cover the losses on the previous defeat by doubling the bet. In the end, the reality can be much different. You just realize your money has run out when you installed for the last bet. If you are anxious to use this betting system, what you need to have before is an unlimited budget.

Fibonacci Method

In a soccer game, there are at least three possible outcomes that can be obtained, namely win, lose, and draw. The draw is probably the most overlooked result by bettors. It can happen because the draw results are more difficult to predict than just choosing which team will win or lose.

This is the main reason for the use of Fibonacci method in betting. The Fibonacci Method itself is a sequence in Mathematics, in which each new number is the sum of the two previous numbers.

The Fibonacci sequences can be seen as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on.

So, how this sequence can be used in soccer betting?

Well, this method is commonly used for bettors who bet a draw results. Generally, this system uses two principles:

  1. Use a probability above 2.618 when you find bets on draw as shown by bookmarker odds.
  2. If bettor loses, increase the number of bets by following the Fibonacci sequence.

Although this method is much more measureable than the Martingale Method, Fibonacci Method still won’t stop your wastage in betting. Courage, luck, and unlimited budget are key factors for this method to work well. With such a high risk, bettors, especially for beginners, should avoid this method.

Soccer betting is great. However, everything can be changed if you suffered a considerable loss. Therefore, two systems above represent sports betting system in soccer that you should avoid. In addition to requiring unlimited budget, these two systems also need great courage and fortune in betting.

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