Moneyline System for NFL Betting

There are a huge number of football betting fans along with its various betting options. Some favors point spread, while some others prefer the popular moneyline option. This kind of betting system employs odds to balance the playing field. Its simplicity and straightforward format becomes one of the reasons why so many bettors enjoy it.  What is moneyline system for NFL betting anyway? Check this following info out:

Moneyline System for NFL Betting

What is moneyline?

Using this betting system, the bettors rely solely on who wins the game.  Regarding the handicapping, the odds that the bettors have are attached to the favorite and the underdog teams. These odds then make an active and balanced market for those two sides of a bet. Check out the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies for a live example of moneyline bet.

Putting a bet on the favorite teams seems to be intriguing as they only need to beat the weaker opponent. However, you cannot get a large payout on this when betting using moneyline system. Bear in mind that the greater the favorite team; the smaller the payout.

On the other hand, wagering on the underdog team may look scary as the team is not expected to be the champion of the game. However, in moneyline system, do remember that the odds are assigned to an underdog. Thus, a bettor can get a great return bring if the underdog pulls through for the championship. For this, the bigger the underdog; the bigger the payout a bettor can earn.

Moneyline system example

To make this system clearer, take a look at the following example”

  • Buffalo -200
  • New England +160

As indicated by the plus and minus symbol, you can identify which one is the underdog (New England) and which one is the favorite (Buffalo).

If you wish to win $100, you need to bet $200 on the Buffalo. Meanwhile, with the same amount of wager wagered on New England, you can earn $320 upon outright triumph.

These positive and negative numbers are actually displayed in American odds. However, it is not the only kind of odds available. You also have the choice of using fractional odds or decimal odds. These options vary based on the country you are in.

Those numbers in hundreds above are simply just an example. You don’t need to put a bet with those amounts of money. You can just as easily as wager on NFL with $5 or $10.

Using moneyline system in a parlay

A bettor can put a moneyline in a parlay like in point spreads and totals. However, he cannot do the same thing to circled lines, quarter lines, prop bets, and futures. Besides, he cannot use point spread and moneyline altogether for the same teams and in the same game. Likewise, a bettor cannot put a wager using moneyline on the first half of the game and a point spread for the second half. Last but not least, one more thing to remember is, a bettor cannot use moneyline bets in teasers. He can only use point spreads and totals.

As moneyline system works differently from point spread and other betting systems, you need to bear in mind the information above. Understanding how moneyline system for NFL betting works can help you work on a new strategy to increase your chance of winning a bet. Good luck!

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