How to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Betting Game?

Dragon tiger casino game is one of the classic betting games in a land base casino or even in an online casino sites like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. As you can probably recognize from the name, this game comes from Cambodia. Many bettors say this game is similar to Baccarat and Casino War. The most important thing is to know how to win in dragon tiger casino betting game? Let’s learn the ways then win some.

How to Win in Dragon Tiger Casino Betting Game?

How Does It Work?

This game use Baccarat’s betting system and Casino War’s base. This game only uses two cards which are placed in the part of tiger and dragon. Bettors just need to bet on which card will have the highest number. For example, there are two cards, face down, on the table. Then you should bet whether the tiger or dragon has the highest number. Let’s say the bet is on the dragon. Then the dealer will open your card first, then the tiger card. If your card has higher number than tiger card, you win the bet.

This game is simply based on bettors’ luck. Simply guessing which card has the highest number. It does not need any difficult calculation or mathematics solution, but bettors still need to use strategies to win dragon tiger game.

What Should Be Done in Non-Live Dragon Tiger Game?

Bettors need all of their luck to win in non-live dragon tiger game. The cards which are used before cannot be seen by bettors, so they cannot count or predict the next card. This kind of game is for bettors who want to get  money simple. Betting in this game will never disadvantage bettors because of the low house edge while it pays more money.

Win in Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

  • Counting Cards Strategy

There are several ways to win in this kind of dragon tiger game. The live dealer enables bettors to see the process before the cards are set in the dragon and tiger hands and also to watch the previous games. Then, bettors can do counting cards strategy to maximize the possibilities to win the game.

Dragon tiger game only needs two cards. This will give the advantage for bettors to count the cards. They should watch several previous games and then observe the cards that are already revealed. Bettors can start counting on how many cards that have lower or higher numbers left.

The most important thing is bettors should count on number seven. They count how many number seven is already revealed. This is important to avoid sudden loss, because whatever you bet on, if seven is drawn, you will lose.

  • Suit-Based Strategy

To use this kind of strategy, bettors should count on the suits that are used and how many decks that are used. Then, they have to patiently wait and watch. If certain suit has not been played for some time, the best bet is on that suit.

Still asking how to win in dragon tiger casino betting game? You better not. Just learn how the game is played and how to use the strategies, you can get the win in your hand. So, dragon or tiger? Wish you a bunch of luck!

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