Basketball Point Spread Online Betting Strategy

Serious online Basketball bettors is someone who engages this activity on a daily basis makes a lot of preparations before placing wagers and splurges himself on the betting game in the long run. They do not look for a one shot big win and then quit. They are determined to learn every skills needed to constantly make money at online Basketball betting. If you are aiming to be that kind of bettor, first you must know these Basketball point spread online betting strategy before anything else.

Basketball Point Spread Online Betting Strategy

The most common type of wager in Basketball is the point spread. Overall, this is a very straightforward type of bet. You can find various types of spread used in all major sports where point difference can be substantial.

Point Spread Explanation

The job of online betting sites or bookies like The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia is to make it difficult for online bettors to decide which type of bet they would make. They will reproduce a fairly even wagering options on both sides so that, the money wagered is uniform. This allows them to have a payout of even a little. One way of bookies to make it hard for the bettors to know which wager to make is the point spread.

Typically a point spread take points away from the favorites and gives additional points to the underdogs. How large the spread in a game will depend upon those perceptions of the ones that sets the betting lines. If they think that one team is dominant, then the point spread will be much larger than the contest between two evenly matched teams or player.

If you placed a wager on the underdog, they do not need to win the game for you to win your bet. Only they have to lose by less than the spread assigned. On the other hand, if you wagered on the favorites, for you to win some cash, the team must win more than the spread.

Example of a Point Spread

Here is an example of a Basketball match point spread. The Atlanta Hawk for example, who are listed as the visitor, are the underdogs at +5 ½. If you wagered on Atlanta Hawks and they win or lose with fewer than six points, you will win that bet. If you put your wager on the favorites, the Washington Wizards who has a spread of -5 ½, as long as they win with more than six point, you’ll win that bet.

One important thing to remember about the point spread above. The online bookies reduced the vig on the underdogs (Atlanta Hawks) to 5 points (-105) and increased on the favorites (Washington Wizards) to 15 points (-115). This is a strategy of online sports betting sites to make the wager on Atlanta Hawks more attractive.


Basketball point spread online betting strategy is made to make it simple for bettors on where to bet. Bettors will like this betting strategy because the payout odds is much better and other types of wagering.

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